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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Star Wars Pocky

Japanese food maker Glico has joined forces with Star Wars to produce some limited edition Star Wars Pocky. Pocky (ポッキー) is a Japanese biscuit stick produced by Ezaki Glico, and made its debut in 1966. Star Wars Pocky comes in two different boxes, one featuring Darth Vader and the other Luke Skywalker. These are the Giant Pocky, so each one is about 20cm and thicker than your normal Pocky. One pack contains 6 Pocky sticks and they come in three flavours Strawberry, Kyoho Grape, and Matcha Green Tea with each one individually wrapped.

Note: Kyoho is a type of giant mountain grape in Japan.

The front cover of Star Wars Pocky

The back features some info on the lightsabers

Each Pocky stick corresponds to a different Star Wars character’s lightsaber. The Strawberry one belongs to Darth Vader, the Grape to Luke Skywalker and the Matcha to the Jedi Master Yoda. They are very cool and do look like Star Wars Lightsabers. You can have a lot of fun eating these.

The Star Wars Pocky Lightsabers individually wrapped

How do they taste? Both the strawberry and grape have a strong smell and are pretty light on the flavour with the biscuit stick dominating. The flavour is quite artificial tasting with the grape one reminding us of the Grape Hi-Chew. Matcha Green Tea was by far and away the most delicious with a nice Matcha taste and even had Matcha inside the biscuit stick. I wouldn't say I’m a big fan of the Giant Pocky (excuse the pun) as the Pocky is too heavy on the biscuit and a lot lighter on the icing/topping compared to your regular Pocky.

Star Wars Pocky ~ Strawberry

Star Wars Pocky ~ Kyoho Grape

Star Wars Pocky ~ Matcha Green Tea

Glico as part of this campaign have produced a whole range of branded snacks such as curry, gyudon, chukadon, fried rice, Pretz, and other snacks. You can see all of these at the Glico website

A few that we have had the chance to try include:

Glico Star Wars Shinise Yoshoku Beef Curry

Star Wars Tomato Pretz

Star Wars Cecil Milk Chocolate

Star Wars Pocky is available in convenience stores and some supermarkets in Japan. You can pick up a packet for 300 yen (USD$3.00).

You can read more about Pocky on my recent Pocky Post

Check out my Star Wars Pocky Video on YouTube

Star Wars Pocky


  1. OOOO cool!

    I'd bought them for the Star Wars novelty. ;)

    1. Thanks Lina, They are very cool, especially for a Star Wars fan like myself :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Maria, They are pretty cool for big and small kids :)

  3. I'm a Star Wars fan, too! I remember sitting through a marathon 9-hour session of the first three movies shown back to back. That was a LONG time ago.

    I hope I spot these snacks in a konbini somewhere.

    1. Thanks Ru, Keep an eye out for them at the conbini :) Are you looking forward to the new Disney Star Wars movies that will come out in the near future?


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