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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Twin Burger at Lotteria Japan

Lotteria Japan is famous for its interesting menu and unique burger selections such as The Ramen Burger, which Japan Australia tried back in May.

Lotteria’s latest creation is the Twin Burger that combines two of its most popular menu items, the deep-fried Shrimp Burger and the Zeppin Cheese Burger. The deep-fried Shrimp Burger has been on the Lotteria menu since 1977, while the Zeppin Cheese Burger comes piled with cottage and red cheddar cheese.

The Twin Burger available in Japan from July 4 allows you to enjoy both the Shrimp Burger and Zeppin Cheese Burger at the same time. The Twin Burger costs 500 yen (USD$5.00) and will be available until July 31.

How does it taste?

The deep-fried Shrimp Burger is really good with a crunchy patty with nice tartar sauce. The Zeppin Cheese Burger was really tasty as well with lots of melty gooey cheese. We picked up the Twin Burger with small fries and a medium drink for 850 yen (USD$8.50).

The Twin Burger comes wrapped in a two colour wrapper

The Twin Burger ready to be eaten by Japan Australia

A close-up of the Twin Burger ~ Love that gooey cheese and tartar sauce

Two burgers in one is a pretty good idea in our book! Have you tried the Twin Burger from Lotteria?

Lotteria Japan website


  1. Interesting.

    Two taste in one burger eh? :)

    1. Thanks Lina, That's right! Two different tastes in the one burger. A great idea, me thinks :)


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