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Sunday, April 17, 2022

A Lovely Experience at Ibiza55 Club l Bar

Charming night at Shinjuku
I was strolling in the nicely lit streets of Shinjuku, looking up at the lovely neon lights climbing up the buildings, scanning the people whose work cages were open. The sun was setting down. 

People were laughing. The ambiance was much less stressful than the morning rush. That evening’s haste was much more hopeful, as if people were looking forward to something. 

Of course they were. It was Shinjuku! 

Charming night at Shinjuku
Charming night at Shinjuku

Night came up and I passed by an interesting entrance of a bar/club with vibrant colors. People were rushing to go in from the outside. It had a white frame that said Ibiza55. I went through the ignited frame of lights and went down the stairs to be welcomed by a very friendly owner who seemed to love what he does. 

The entrance of that bar called me in
The entrance of that bar called me in

I love to meet those kinds of people, who find a way to enjoy and love what they do, rather than stoically accepting life’s harshness, those who see a full half in a cup. I marched a few more steps to the bar and ordered a beer. The bar had a colorful neon sign behind it, which made me more aware that I was in Shinjuku, one of the best places to party in one of the most prominent cities in the world, Tokyo. It made me feel blessed. 

Partying in Shinjuku

Enjoying the Shinjuku nighlife

The bartender was an attentive gentleman who welcomed me with a wide smile. I took my reasonably-priced beer, grabbed a sip, and metaphysics started to take its turn. 

I asked myself: Why do people party? What makes it so fun? 

People often look to experience feelings that overwhelm them, that take their hand towards the top. The cognitive is sometimes too much to bear, but “to feel” gives a fluid and organic sense of flow that is unmatched. 

People party to feel. 

There are many hardships in life that make us numb. Long work hours, job politics, conflict resolution and risk management matters. All too serious and too boring. 

People want to live, laugh, and be free. No one wants to be contained, neither in a work cubicle nor for bosses they probably disdain. 

People party to feel free. 

People party to feel free
People party to feel free

Luckily, before my mind became too thoughtful, a lovely woman joined me on my right seat. She was wearing a red dress which I couldn’t take my eyes off. She had an extensive face and a wide smile; the one which had the extra teeth look. Her eyes held some mystery in them. Her hair was falling like waterfalls around her shoulders and back. 

Before my mind went back to labor, I said the first thing that I could think of: 

“Cool bar, huh? Do you come here often?” 

“Yeah,” she said, “Ibiza55 is one of my favorite places to be in Tokyo. Everyone here is just so nice. I feel alive here.” 

Her name was Yoko, and she spoke perfect English (My favorite kind). 

More people joined in. Suddenly, it was 11 p.m. and the bar was almost full. It gave it a cozier feeling. 

Dancing the night away in Shinjuku

Dancing the night away at Ibiza55


People seemed to have forgotten about the worries of their day. Partying seemed like a meditative approach that lets the mind be, which many times and surprisingly, is a great way to find solutions. 

It was 4 a.m. now at the bar and I thought it would be closing soon. 

“When do you close?” I asked the bartender. 

“12 p.m. the next day,” he said. 

Woah, those people surely know how to party, I thought. 

I decided not to leave any time soon. I was in a special place, at a romantic time, and there were many beautiful people around me. I was living and collecting memories that I will never forget. 

I realized that our favorite memories are those stories we collect from time to time, and stories most of the time include people. 

Where are most of the people? 


  1. I have been there. Lovely atmosphere.

    1. Hi Anon. Great! I am glad to hear that you enjoyed it.


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