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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Koala’s March Strawberry Milk

Koala’s March Strawberry Milk is the second in the series of special edition Koala’s March Halloween. You can read about the Koala’s March Chocolate edition here

The Strawberry Milk edition also includes cute koalas in Halloween costumes. The Strawberry Milk Koala’s March is very good and inside the cookie is a sweet Strawberry Milk filling.

Koala's March Strawberry Milk Halloween version

Koala's in Halloween costumes


  1. They are too cute to be eaten! xD

  2. Thanks Lina, they are so cute and I love looking at each individual one as they have different cute costumes on :)

  3. Very cute.... until they rip your head off and eat out your insides. Ok... maybe I bought the extra-Halloween version. ?-)

  4. Thanks Adelaide Ben, Like your extra Halloween version, which is true. Sometimes I just look at their cute faces and think should I be doing this :)

  5. Nice site!! I was in Japan last year on my travels, hoping to head back soon. Got a mate in Tokyo who is also a quirky blogger - his website is called Ikimasho - Japanese for let's go I believe. Jonny

    1. Thanks Jonny, Hope you can make it back to Japan soon. Will check out your mate's site :)


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